Episode 17 - The Indiscretion

(7 April 1981)
Writer: E.F.Wallengren.
Director: James Sheldon.
Music: Alexander Courage.


"There are events in our lives which would best be forgotten, moments out of the past which have a peculiar way of thrusting themselves into the present. Ike Godsey had always been a man of integrity, someone we could all count on, but even Ike had skeletons hidden away in a closet and it was inevitable that Corabeth would come upon them sooner or later".


Ike is perplexed as he watches his wife pack her luggage, saying that she is divorcing him. At the Walton house, Corabeth asks the family to stay a few days, telling them that Ike and she are ending their marriage. After Corabeth leaves for her room, the women discuss divorce. When Drew arrives Elizabeth explains the situation and he tells her that he is taking care of the Baldwin’s dog, while they are at Virginia Beach.


Jason consoles Ike over drinks at the Dew Drop Inn, as Ike wonders what is wrong with him. Ike assumes he is not refined enough for Corabeth’s tastes. Jason suggests he try courting her again. Ike’s first attempt is to ask his wife to a candlelit dinner and a Schumann concerto in Charlottesville. Corabeth rejects his proposal. Rose and Mary Ellen decide to talk with Corabeth, where they learn she is divorcing Ike because of adultery. They look at each other in disbelief as she reads a newly found letter addressed to Ike that was written by Pamela in June 1941. Rose and Mary Ellen suggest that she let Ike explain. Corabeth refuses, saying he can explain in court. Later, at the breakfast table, the men side with Ike while the women agree with Corabeth. Rose tries to be the compromiser, but without much luck.


Drew and Elizabeth picnic at Druscilla’s Pond where they express feelings for each other. Drew suggests they celebrate their anniversary at the Baldwin house, where they fell in love. Elizabeth isn’t sure she wants to “give in to her feelings”. At Ike’s store, Frank Sims purchases a five-pound sack of sugar for his wife who is making preserves. He comments to Ike about the divorce rumors circulating around the community. Later, Ike makes another attempt to appease Corabeth, as he gives her roses. Corabeth remembers the rose mentioned in the “other woman’s” letter, aggrieved that he would give her the same flowers.


Ike plays pool with Jason and Ben, as he reminisces about his pool-playing days with John. He remembers favoring his bachelor days when Olivia became mad at John for playing pool. In response, Jason wonders if he should marry Toni. Ike hates the idea of being a “stuffed apron”, and desires to change his image. Ben suggests he make Corabeth jealous, whereupon Ike says, “You’re looking at Don Juan Godsey”.


Drew and Elizabeth kiss on the porch under the watchful eye of Rose, who finally tells Drew it is time to go home. Drew suggests they spend the night together alone at the Baldwin house. Elizabeth thinks about it. The next morning, Corabeth announces she is off to Charlottesville to look for an apartment. Elizabeth tells everyone that Drew and she have a date. No one seems concerned when she says they may be out very late. Corabeth enters the store for her checkbook when she comments on Ike’s new mustache, saying it looks “like a small bush”. Ike tries to convince her to go out this evening, but Corabeth states she is accompanying Mary Ellen and Erin to the Dew Drop, and tomorrow will return to collect half of this “hodgepodge”. Ike decides to call the Charlottesville Escort Service, much to the chagrin of Miss Fanny.


As Elizabeth prepares for her date, she tells Erin that while on a picnic with Drew she did not want their kiss to stop. Erin questions if anything happened. Elizabeth says “no” but that Drew wants to spend the night together. Erin advises her against it, relating her experience with Ashley Longworth. She says, “Love is a wonderful experience but only with someone you expect to spend the rest of your life with.”


Ike brings his date Nina Sue to the Dew Drop Inn. They order beers from Jason, who warns him that Corabeth will soon arrive. Drew appears at the house as Mary Ellen and Erin wait for Corabeth. Erin looks at Elizabeth as Elizabeth looks to Drew, knowing that she has a big decision to make. Elizabeth tells Drew that she cannot go with him. Drew angrily walks away, saying she must not love him.


Mary Ellen and Erin observe Ike with his date, and then try to persuade Corabeth to leave for another roadhouse. Suddenly, Corabeth hears Ike in a beer-chugging contest with the woman. Corabeth confronts the pair, and then disgustedly walks off. Ike confesses to his date that he is married, resulting in her hitting him several times over the head with her purse.


At the store, Ike is served divorce papers by Deputy Sheriff David Bull. At the Baldwin house, Dickey tries to awaken Drew as Elizabeth walks into the room. She apologizes to Drew about changing her mind at the last minute. Drew understands, saying that spending the night together would have been wrong. They agree they are much more than just friends.


When Corabeth walks into the store Ike tells her that she will never be able to prove adultery with regards to the woman at the Dew Drop Inn. Ike then brings out into the open his pent up hostilities he had been harboring inside. Corabeth finally states that she is divorcing him because of Pamela Morris. Ike says he is sorry, never wanting to hurt her. As Corabeth goes through her memory chest, Ike reminisces about the rose she wore at their anniversary while they danced the tango, along with the rice from the wedding. Ike admits never understanding why she married him. Ike says that Pamela Morris made him realize that he truly loved his wife. He then produces a letter that Pamela wrote explaining that she could never stand between him and Corabeth. But, Corabeth says she can’t forgive his deception. Ike responds, “I would have forgiven you.” Corabeth looks at herself in the mirror, reconsiders her decision, and then walks back into the store saying, “Were there any calls for me while I was gone?” Ike says, “The phone never stopped ringing.”


"Corabeth forgave Ike for his indiscretion and new life was breathed into their marriage. For months Waltons Mountain buzzed with rumors about the Godseys near divorce. Only Mary Ellen and Rose knew the truth, and they kept the secret to themselves".


Ike: Corabeth, have you ever noticed how the roof creaks at night?
Corabeth: I don't believe I have.
Ike: I didn't start hearing it until after you left.
Corabeth: Water faucet, the Walton house drips incessantly, I can hardly sleep.
Ike: It doesn't matter any more does it.
Corabeth: Goodnight Ike.
Ike: Goodnight Corabeth



Robert Schumann was a German composer living from 1810 to 1856.

Bernice is Frank Sims’ wife.


Also appearing:

Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards), Rose Burton (Peggy Rea) Cindy Walton (Leslie Winston), Drew Cutler (Tony Becker), Nina Sue (Victoria Carroll), Frank Sims (Alvy Moore), Deputy Sheriff David Bull (Dana Craig).