Episode 12 - The Gold Watch

(26 February 1981)
Writer: Juliet Packer.
Director: Walt Gilmore.
Music: Alexander Courage.


"During his long absence from the mountain, Rose rarely spoke of her beau and dancing partner Stanley Perkins, but I suspect she thought of him often, especially when the radio played an old dance tune".


Stanley Perkins returns from his sales dream territory. As Rose takes down the clothes from the line, he unexpectedly joins her singing Buffalo Gals. Stanley looks exhausted, along with being unshaven and unkempt. Rose takes him in, unsure why he has returned.


Ike delivers supplies to the Dew Drop Inn, giving Jason credit on his business that is facing competition from the Red River Inn as a cowboy singer draws his customers away.


At the supper table, Stanley tells Rose that after thirty-seven years he was retired with a testimonial dinner and gold watch. Now, he is hoping to find a job and settle on the Mountain. Elizabeth suggests he stay in her parent’s room, after learning that Zulieka’s boarding house is closed while she visits Little Rock, Arkansas. At the same time, Dr. Martin visits Stanley’s sister, wondering why Stanley did not return to the hospital after his visit with Elvira.


Jim Bob makes several suggestions to Jason on how to persuade customers to return. Jason hears a noise in the bar and finds Toni has returned to Camp Rockfish.


While unpacking Stanley’s suitcase, Rose notices that a piece of clothing is from the Marshall Hospital. She finds out from Mary Ellen that the hospital is an institution for the mentally ill. Outside, Stanley finds Ben loading the truck, hoping to help. Ben realizes he is not suited for the strenuous work. At the store, Ike displays Dr. Ferrin’s Rotating Wienie Roasters. Just then, Rose and Stanley enter to tell both Ike and Corabeth that Stanley could help at the store, allowing Ike to spend more time fishing and Corabeth more time at her real estate business. They decide that he will start tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.


Jason and Toni tell the only customer at the Dew Drop that he’s at the wrong bar for live entertainment. Jason admits he may go bankrupt unless he finds a way to attract customers. Toni suggests a western singer.


Ike and Corabeth give instructions to Stanley on his first day at work. His first customers are Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin. They need metal polish for an old popcorn machine that their Papa used at parties. Stanley suggests they loan it to Jason at the Dew Drop Inn, and the sisters love the idea.


Toni announces to Jason that she has found a cowboy singer. Then, the Baldwin sisters enter the once-forbidden bar to give their popcorn machine to Jason. Toni says he will pay them once their new cowboy singer brings back their customers. The sisters are excited about hearing the singer, especially Miss Emily whose favorite song is “The Streets of Toledo”, corrected by Miss Mamie to “Laredo”.


While washing and drying the dishes, Rose and Stanley agree to attend the show at the Dew Drop. When the telephone rings Stanley learns that his sister is worried about him. He confesses his nervous breakdown to Rose when he was fired from his job. He refuses to return to the hospital, knowing that his father committed suicide. Rose says, “You are not your father!” Stanley knows he needs Rose’s strength in order to regain his confidence. Rose lends her support and he is comforted by her words of encouragement.


Corabeth tells Stanley that she appreciates the ad he placed in the newspaper for the weenie roasters. But when the Baldwin sisters show Stanley their Papa’s dueling pistols he becomes very agitated at the sight. For the rest of the day, Ike and Corabeth notice a distinct change. He finally quits after thinking he carelessly allowed a fire to start at the gas pump.


Jason and Toni show “Johnny Calico” around the Dew Drop, but he seems more interested in watching Toni. He agrees to play Saturday night at eight o’clock for ten dollars and all the beer he can drink. Jason is upset that the ‘two-bit cowboy’ showed so much interest in Toni.


On opening night at the Dew Drop, the crowd impatiently waits for the headliner. When Toni goes to his dressing room, he insists on a good-luck kiss before going on stage. When Jason sees the incident he slugs the singer, who cancels his appearance. Jason and Toni substitute for the singer, hoping the audience will accept two singers for the price of one. Mary Ellen returns home early to find Rose upset with Stanley’s setback. When she learns that Stanley is returning to the hospital she says, “If Mr. Perkins was my boyfriend I wouldn’t let him walk away without putting up a fight first!” Rose agrees.


In the morning, Elvira arrives to take Stanley away. But, he won’t leave until saying good-bye to Rose. She finally arrives, bringing Ike, Corabeth, and the Baldwin sisters with her. Rose says this is their testimonial to him. Jason says he would be facing bankruptcy if he hadn’t suggested advertising. Ike and Corabeth report that his ad in the paper sold all of their wiener roasters. Corabeth says the fire was caused by a gas tank leak, and not his fault. Ike mentions that The Rockfish Gazette offered him a job due to his “creative writing and snappy layout” of his ad. Roses presents him with a gold watch saying if any man deserved one, it’s him. Stanley decides to stay, unwilling to give up on himself, if his friends won’t give up.


"Mr. Perkins' self-assurance eventually came back and he was never to return to the hospital. From that day onward when Stanley had moments of doubt he would always look at Rose's gold watch and remember that he was indeed a success".


Jason: Goodnight Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Goodnight Jason. (pause) Hey Jason, do you have to pay Toni for singing at the Dewdrop?
Jason: I think when Toni sings it's a labor of love.
Elizabeth: Ah, does that mean you pay her in kisses?
Jason: Good night, Elizabeth.....



Stanley Perkins’ sister, Elvira, lives in Richmond, Virginia.

The Dr. Ferrin’s Rotating Wienie Roasters have been marked down from three dollars, ninety-eight cents to two dollars, seventy-five cents.

Ike’s store opens at 8:00 a.m.

The Red River Inn is located on Route 29.

The newspaper in the town of Rockfish is named The Rockfish Gazette.

Lyrics for the song Buffalo Gals appear at: http://freepages.music.rootsweb.com/~edgmon/stbuffalogals.htm.

Lyrics for the song Streets of Laredo appear at: http://www.hotlyrics.net/index.php3?frame=%2Farchive.php3%3Fartist%3DJane%2520Siberry.


Also appearing:

Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards), Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Baldwin (Helen Kleeb and Mary Jackson), Rose Burton (Peggy Rea), Stanley Perkins (William Schallert), Elvira Perkins (Carolyn Coates), Toni Hazelton (Lisa Harrison), Johnny Calico (Curtis Credel), Dr. Martin (Terry Burns), Angry Woman (Virginia Peters), Man at the Bar (Robert Richie), The Customer (George Strattan), Mr. Curtbert (Rex Benson).