Episode 8 - The Violated

(8 November 1979)
Writer: Robert Pirosh.
Director: Walter Alzman.
Music: Alexander Courage.


"There was hope in the air that second autumn after Pearl Harbor. The Allied forces were finally on the offensive, and in Winston Churchill's words 'those who had sowed the wind are now reaping the whirlwind'. But in our home, as in millions throughout the nation, there was also anxiety for loved ones away in military service. Some of them would never return, and there were others who's fate was at that time unknown, the - missing in action".


Olivia is awakened by a reoccurring nightmare that shows an airplane with John-Boy on-board being hit by enemy fire and falling from the sky. John finds her checking that the other children are safe. Later, Olivia and John visit Mrs. Denman at the Red Cross hoping for news about their son. Unfortunately, his status remains unchanged. Mrs. Denman does ask Olivia to visit Darcy Thatcher who lives near Walton's Mountain. The Red Cross has been informed that her husband Frank, who is about to go overseas, is concerned about his wife, who suddenly has stopped sending letters to him. Olivia volunteers to help.


Jason enters Ike's store to drink a soda pop while waiting for the bus back to the base. When Corabeth finishes her telephone conversation both men learn that Cousin Eudora has informed her that Uncle Lucas has passed on. When Ike learns that he built a corporate empire in California and that Corabeth was his favorite niece, he feels she might inherit considerable money. Corabeth is aghast he would think such thoughts at her time of loss.


Olivia joins Mary Ellen on her mountain rounds in order to visit Darcy. But upon arriving they are coldly welcomed by her. Olivia explains that her husband is worried. But she yells that it is none of their business and runs into the house. After being questioned by Olivia, Darcy finally admits that after planting a peach tree on her property, a man forced himself on her. Because she feels responsible for the incident Darcy will not say who did it and will not report it to the Sheriff.


Corabeth returns home wearing expensive clothing after test-driving a fancy automobile. She feels it's her duty to play the role of the heiress after believing she will inherit her uncle's estate. Walking into the store, Ike gives her a letter from Cousin Eudora that contains an inheritance check for eighteen thousand dollars.


Olivia and Mary Ellen visit ailing Old Joe Bascomb. Son Slater later arrives after checking Bascomb's traps. Son gives them a sack saying he has another one for Joe. John convinces Olivia to call Mrs. Denman about granting an emergency leave so Frank can return home. In the kitchen Olivia and Mary Ellen find Elizabeth and Cindy making a peach pie from the fruit in the sack. Unaware of its contents, Olivia and Mary Ellen wonder if Slater is the man that planted the peach tree at Darcy's. After returning with groceries, Olivia asks if Slater assaulted her. Darcy refuses to say but backs off at the mention of his name.


Mary Ellen drops off her mother at the Sheriff's office where Olivia tells Abe, the deputy, that she wishes to bring rape charges against Son Slater. But Abe says the law requires that the woman's moral background be investigated. Olivia knows she can not put Darcy through that search. She tells the Deputy that Son Slater's moral character is the one that should be investigated. Olivia reluctantly withdraws her complaint.


Ike visits Jason at the army base after just returned from an overnight hike. He needs advice from Jason on how to deal with the flamboyant new lifestyle of his wife. Jason suggests giving her what she desires.


While sweeping the smokehouse, Slater confronts Olivia about spreading lies about him. Olivia states she was not spreading any lies. Slater threatens her but Olivia bravely stands up to him. After ordering him off the property, Olivia takes a telephone call from Mrs. Denman. She says Frank was given a three-day furlong and Olivia is to meet him at the bus stop. John learns what happened to Olivia but promises to wait until the morning to confront Slater.


Trying to act wealthy, Ike tells Corabeth there is a Florida house for rent during the winter. He also decides to reduce her duties, giving Elizabeth more responsibilities in the store. Corabeth, however, becomes upset. She decides that purchasing an automobile during these days of gas rationing is not prudent. She decides to invest the money in war bonds. Ike and Corabeth return to their regular duties at the store.


John visits Son Slater, telling him to leave the area and never return. Olivia meets Frank at the bus stop. She tells him the problem facing his wife. Arriving home, Frank grabs his gun to face down Slater. John arrives just in time to tell Frank that Slater is gone. Olivia tells him that Darcy needs him now.


While taking about the injustice of the law with regards to women like Darcy, Mrs. Denman knocks at the front door. She has come to tell the Walton's that John-Boy has been found. He is seriously injured, but alive. John-Boy is being flown back to a hospital in Washington, DC.


[No end narration or Goodnights]


Note: The story concludes in the next episode - The Waiting.



Uncle Lucas is Corabeth mother's eldest brother.

The license plates on Mary Ellen's truck are T2 619 Virginia.

Charlie Slater is Son Slater's uncle.


Also appearing:

Ike and Corabeth Godsey (Joe Conley and Ronnie Claire Edwards); Cindy Walton (Leslie Winston), John-Curtis (Michael and Marshall Reed); Son Slater (Jordan Clarke); Darcy Thatcher (Antoinette Stella); Mrs. Denman (Diana Douglas); Joe Bascomb (John Steadman); Abe, the Deputy (Macon McCalman); Frank Thatcher (Kelly Ward).